Jennifer's Kids Learning Center

The Emotional, Social, Intellectual And Physical Development Of Your Child Is Our Business.

Safety And Security

To protect your child Jennifer's Kids Learning Center has implemented procedures for pick-up/drop-off. These procedures strictly adhere to Illinois Child's Safety Standards and are updated whenever any change is requested by the state. While we have an "open door" policy for parents, we do keep our doors locked through our automated secured entry system. Parents are advised not to give their code to anyone under no condition including those you occasionally ask to pick up your children. If as a parent, you have instructed someone else other than yourself to pick up your child, it is your responsibility to let us know either in writing or by phone. Without prior notice, we will not release a child to anyone other than the parents or assigned guardian. We encourage our parents to accompany their children to the center. This helps to provide a smooth transition and allows you a brief exchange with the teachers. If by any means any parent decides to authorize a friend, relative or any family member other than those listed on the application, The Director must be notified in writing prior to the pick up date and such party will be required to show a state issued ID or drivers license before pick up will be allowed.

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