Jennifer's Kids Learning Center

The Emotional, Social, Intellectual And Physical Development Of Your Child Is Our Business.

Rooms And Procedures

The physical layout of rooms at Jennifer's Kids Learning Centers take into account the fact that your child will eat, play and sleep in that room. The layout of the room has therefore tremendous impact on your child's self-confidence and sense of comfort. Furthermore, a clean room also enables teachers effectively perform the duties entrusted to her/him. To get a feel on how our rooms are maintained, we strongly urge each parent to visit our facilities whenever time permits.

Food Regulations

The center provides breakfast, hot lunch, and two snacks daily for toddlers and older children. Our menus are planned to be nutritionally well balanced, attractive and appealing to the children. We require that you do not send your children to the center with foods and drinks. If by any reason, a parent decides to provide food for their child to share with classmates, it must be purchased, not home made. This is in accordance with both local and state health regulation laws. All children at the center will be given nutritious breakfast at 7:30 am, snacks and lunches at mid-morning and mid-afternoon respectively, including milk, fresh fruits and vegetables. Allergies from doctors’ note and religious observance are well noted. Parents are to provide infant formula for new born babies.

Food Preparation

Our nutritionists are well-versed in food preparation and storage. In Jennifer's Kids Learning Center, the meal time is always an enjoyable moment in that children eat with their respective teachers while infants are held to be fed. The dining tables as well as dinning utensils are well suited to each age group. For safety reasons, Jennifer Kids does not serve hot beverage and the food temperature is kept at safe and healthy levels to prevent burns. Furthermore children are not allowed to the kitchen and are kept away from appliances that might be dangerous.


When transporting children, we focus first and foremost on the safety of the children, our associates and parents through standardized processes and procedures.
At Jennifer's Kids Learning Center the transport of children follows certain guidelines:

  • Seat belt must be used at all times.
  • All activities are in secure and friendly environments.
  • All parents must sign the field trip form.
  • Before leaving Jennifer's Kids Learning Center, all children are checked for attendance using the attendance sheet prior to the trio, during the trip and after the trip. Furthermore a copy of the attendance is left at the daycare while on the field trip.
  • All children have an identifying name tag in case they get lost.


At Jennifer's Kids Learning Center, we promote self esteem and social skills. The children learn through numerous exciting activities such as shapes, letters, numbers, basic sciences, dramatic play, creative art, social studies, mathematics, reading and writing, socialization and emotional development to fun themes like camping, nature and safety.

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