Jennifer's Kids Learning Center

The Emotional, Social, Intellectual And Physical Development Of Your Child Is Our Business.

Parent Checklist

To understand how to accommodate a parent's busy schedule and facilitate an easy enrollment, Jennifer's Kids Learning Center has established assessments for parents. Each parent might go through this questionnaire to see if Jennifer's Kids Learning Center is the appropriate day care for their child.

  Do you have age-appropriate children's literature? Yes No
  Are your teachers trained? How often? What training?
  Is your program focused on age-appropriate learning objectives?
  Such as arts, physical and social development, communication.
Yes No
  Do you have outdoors playgrounds? Yes No
  Do you have individual record for each child? Yes No
  How often are writing and reading skills practiced?
  Do your teachers stimulate the children's learning abilities? Yes No
  Do you give parent's advices on how to take care of their children? Yes No
  What are times allocated for quiet times, groups, outdoors?
  Do you have posted activities plans? Yes No
  What's your curriculum?

Download Registration Forms

 The registration forms are in pdf format and they can be downloaded by clicking here.

In order to open the pdf file you need to have installed Adobe Reader on your computer.
Please click on the image bellow to start the free instalation process.

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